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The Team have extensive expertise in drafting Wills and Codicils to ensure that your money, property and affairs are to dealt with as you wish, and passed on to your chosen beneficiaries. A well drafted Will not only provides guidance as to the distribution of your Estate but can also enable you to make provisions for minors such as appointing legal guardians and the setting up of a trust for long term financial management of assets, thus safeguarding your Estate, as well as help avoid any potential issues arising such as passing proportions of the Estate between unmarried persons, any possible family feuds regarding inheritance and any delay in distributing your Estate in accordance with your wishes. Without a Will, the Legislation under the Administration of Estates Act 1925 will set out how a person’s Estate is to be divided, and who will inherit.

The Team at Ally Randall Solicitors are here to offer you practical advice and straightforward advice, from those wishing to draw up a simple Will, to those requiring highly complex Wills including Trusts or where future planning is required.

Furthermore, we advise that once you have a Will in place, it is a good idea to review this every 3 to 5 years, or after significant life events such as changes in assets, marriage and/or divorce, having children or losing a chosen beneficiary. Not only will this ensure that your Will continues to reflect your wishes, but will also mean any potential changes to the Law will continue to protect and distribute your Estate in the most tax efficient way for your personal circumstances.

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